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Pet fish receives fake eye? It's True!

Posted on 08-10-2016

A one-eyed fish is getting a second shot at life thanks to an unusual, extreme makeover. Kiwi, a seven-year-old saltwater fish, developed a cataract and was getting bullied by his tank mates, owner Ju...

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The Kamra Inlay on "The Doctors"

Posted on 07-20-2016

Ditch Your Reading Glasses!? Over one hundred million Americans need reading glasses to get through their day. But can a new procedure help you ditch your readers for good? Ophthalmologist Dr. ...

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Underwater Vision??? "Sea Gypsies of Asia Boast 'Incredible' Underwater Vision"

Posted on 07-14-2016

By National Geographic Explorer. May 2014. For centuries the seminomadic Moken people have lived as hunter-gatherers, dwelling on boats or stilted dwellings along the coasts of Myanmar (Burma) and ...

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Tired of Reading Glasses?

Posted on 06-28-2016

As seen on Good Morning America, the Kamra corneal inlay is the first FDA approved procedure that helps restore near vision.  The technology works by creating a "pinhole effect.&qu...

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Check out this cool advancement in corneal transplants! "Pig eye transplant: Chinese boy Saved from Blindness by Porcine Cornea"

Posted on 06-02-2016

By Léa Surugue, International Business Times March 11, 2016 15:47 GMT Pig cornea transplants are carried out in China.(Getty Images) In China, a 14-year-old boy regained sight afte...

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